About Jack Rasmus Productions: Publishing and Production Company

Jack Rasmus Productions was founded in 2015. Its mission is to deliver in prose, dramatic and musical form an account for readers and listeners of how America has changed fundamentally over the last half of the 20th century, and where it is headed in the 21st. Economy, politics, and cultural changes are the focus; fiction and non-fiction the form; books, articles, audios, videos, song, and stage presentation the means of communication

Non-fiction products offered by Jack Rasmus Productions include the books and published articles of Dr. Jack Rasmus, as well as audio CDs and DVD videos of his major public talks, interviews, and presentations. His latest books are Looting Greece: A New Imperialism Emerges and Systemic Fragility in the Global Economy, both published 2016 by Clarity Press.

Jack Rasmus Productions also features fictional works and productions. Rasmus' creation and promotion of artistic works include new stage plays on historical and contemporary themes; radio plays reflecting well-known events; new songs performed to contemporary musical styles such as fusion, hip hop, and other; videos of plays and events of political importance; and spoken word poetry.

Readers interested in contacting Jack Rasmus Productions for more information about any of the works products or productions featured on this website, to inquire about available services for video or audio production by Jack Rasmus Productions, or to propose joint creative projects with Jack Rasmus Productions should contact Jack Rasmus, owner and principal of Jack Rasmus Productions, at drjackrasmus@gmail.com, or call the business office of Jack Rasmus Productions at 925-828-0792.

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"The acting is also outstanding, helping us feel in our guts what it must have been like to be a worker with only his fists, courageously facing police and National Guard machine guns and tanks...."

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