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The following are select, published articles by Jack Rasmus on economics and political economy. They range form 2,000 to 5,000 words and are listed in reverse chronological order, the most recently published first. Single article downloads for reading are free. All copyrights remain with the author.

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Another Bush Lie: Tax Cuts for Jobs

Here's the facts about the jobless recovery and 3 million jobs lost under Bush's first 3 years in office...

Wages in America: The Rich Get Richer, the Rest Get Less

Read how and why real wages in America are lower today than they were 25 years ago and why Corporate CEOs and Executive now make 400-500 times the average wage of their employees...

The Bush Plot to Destroy Social Security

Read how $1.4 trillion was stolen from the Social Security Trust Fund and Bush's plan to restructure Social Security and turn it over to private banks and Wall St...

Bush's Second Aborted Jobs Recovery

Jobs are coming back-as part-time, temporary, contract and low wage work, with a new recession looming on the horizon once again...

Pension Plans in the Corporate Cross-Hairs

Defined benefit (union) pension plans are about to go bust. Read how Bush and Corporate America want to phase them out altogether...

The cartoons in all of these articles were drawn by Jim Swanson.

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"The acting is also outstanding, helping us feel in our guts what it must have been like to be a worker with only his fists, courageously facing police and National Guard machine guns and tanks...."

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