posted March 9, 2013
Presentation (Audio & Video) on Attacks on Social Security and Medicare

On February 28, 2013 I was invited to speak to the San Francisco ‘Progressive Democrats of America’ meeting on the topic of Social Security, Medicare and the coming attacks. A video and an audio of my 35 min. presentation are now available on my website at the following urls: (audio version) (video version)

The presentation is also available in an eight part series on YouTube, at ‘Jack Rasmus, Bouncing Along the Fiscal Cliff’, uploaded by the PDA group.

The theme of the presentation exposes the lies perpetrated by Politicians and Media about the financial state of Social Security and Medicare today. In place of the lies, I offer alternative small tax changes that would instead lower the retirement age, increase retirement benefits, fully fund Medicare Part B and D, and create a surplus to pay for Medicare for All (Universal, Single Payer Health Care). I explain how neither Social Security or Medicare, nor the country itself, are ‘broke’ but that trillions of dollars are instead being hoarded by the rich and corporations, who are trying to make retirees pay for the economic crisis and deficits they created while they pay themselves hundreds of billions in stock buybacks, dividend payouts, and engage in massive tax avoidance and fraud.

(For my forthcoming analysis later today on the ‘mini-bargain’ in Congress now in the works, check out my blog,, for updates, as well as my weekly radio show, ALTERNATIVE VISIONS, on Wednesdays at 2pm (est) on the Progressive Radio Network out of New York, at PRN.FM.

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