The US Congress's 2013 Budget (Mis)Deal

Dr. Jack Rasmus On Latest US Budget-Austerity Deal

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Jack Rasmus is interviewed by host, Paul George, as guest on the TV show, Other Voices, and explains in detail the terms of the US Congress December 2013 budget deal. Defense spending remains untouched while pensions, unemployment benefits and food stamps are cut, contrary to the various 'spin' reports in the press. Austerity American Style is explained, contrasted to European versions. Dr. Rasmus predicts big corporate tax cuts coming after the November 2014 midterm national elections in the US, explains his idea of 'epic' recession which forecasts continued long term US 'stop-go' recovery, and explains how the $15-$20 trillion Federal Reserve bank-investor bailout under departing chairman, Ben Bernanke, has left the rest of the US economy still struggling.