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I. TV Talks & Interviews

US Economy, Recession, & Policy 2020-21–A Video Presentation
(to UC Berkeley Students, April 12, 2021, 1hour 16 min 1 sec)

The following is a video presentation to Berkeley students and activists on the current state of the US economy, recession, and evolution of fiscal and monetary policies 2020-21, presented this past April 2021. Why the US is still evolving through its Great Recession 2.0, now entering a new phase, and why it still remains uncertain whether the second half 2021 will be a rebound or a sustained recovery. How today’s ‘Great Recession 2.0’ compares to 2008-10 Great Recession 1.0, as well as prior similar ‘Great Recession’ historical contractions in 1907-13 and 1929-30.

Why We’re in a Great Recession 2.0 and Triple Crisis
(Alameda Green Party Presentation, January 19, 2021, 1 hour 33 min 27 sec)

What’s a Great Recession? Why the current economic crisis is best understood as the Great Recession 2.0–and a more serious repeat of the 2008-15 prior Great Recession 1.0. Why the economic crisis is not a V-Shape, or strictly Covid driven crisis, but rather a long duration W-shape recovery marked by a partial recovery of last spring’s deep crash (March-May), followed by short and shallow rebound (July-September) and periodic relapses in turn (November-February 2021). What are the 3 elements of today’s ‘Triple Crisis’ in the USA that aredetermining the trajectory of today’s Great Recession 2.0.

What’s Neoliberal Economics & The Crisis Today
(Interview with Jason Myles of THIS IS REVOLUTION podcast, Nov. 10, 2020, 1 hour 32 min 54 sec)

Dr. Rasmus is interviewed by West Oakland, California host, Jason Myles, of THIS IS REVOLUTION podcast. Discussion ranges from explaining what Neoliberalism means in practice, not in some academic theory; the results of the recent November 3, National Election; what are some of Trump’s possible scenarios in coming weeks to try to overturn the election by manipulating the Electoral College count; and a general unstructured discussion on the state of US politics and the US economy in coming months.

What Lies Ahead: the Great Recession 6 Months Later
Video Presentation, August 27,2020 (35 min 51 sec)

Dr. Rasmus reviews the status of the Great Recession 2.0 six months after its emergence with the Covid-19 event that precipitated and accelerated the descent into the worst recession since the great depression of the 1930s—a 4 times worse contraction of the real US economy than that of 2008-09. What’s happening with jobs, the second fiscal stimulus negotiations, and other US economic indicators. The Triple Crisis that has been converging and emerging: Covid + Economy + Rising political instability. Why the summer months have produced a ‘rebound’ but not a sustained true recovery. Why the rebound will soon ‘relapse’ and verify Rasmus’s prediction last spring of a W-Shape recovery and not a V-shape. An extended Q&A with the audience is included. (A YouTube video)

COVID-19 and the Latest Economic Crisis
Video Presentation, April 23, 2020 (1 hr 42 min 14 sec)

Dr. Rasmus stakes out his explanation of the current deep crash of the real economy. Why the economy was already headed for recession: a review of 2019 slowing economy. The role of the health crisis as a precipitator and accelerator of an already slowing economy. The various programs by Congress to provide a fiscal spending mitigation of the contraction are described. Why the emerging recession will not result in a V-shape recovery but rather a W-shape scenario, with short rebound followed by a further slowing of the economy and subsequent short, brief rebounds and weakening again—all typical of Great Recession trajectories. An extended Q&A follows.

The State of the US Economy at Year End 2019
Berkeley, CA Video Presentation, with Q&A, November 2019 (1 hr 41 min 55 sec)

Dr. Rasmus reviews the condition of the US economy at year end 2019, and debunks mainstream reports on US wage growth, unemployment, and what’s happening with investment, Trump’s trade wars, household debt and consumption, and other key elements of the economy. Rasmus reviews his prediction that another recession is ‘around the corner’, sooner rather than later and explains the relationship between financial asset markets’ booming and the real economy. Extended Q&A with the audience follows.

Trump’s Déjà vu Trade War
China, NAFTA & Beyond, Other Voices TV, Host Paul George, January 16, 2019 (58 min 27 sec)

Dr. Rasmus is interviewed by TV host, Paul George, of ‘Other Voices TV’, to discuss the Trump Trade War, especially its focus on China. NAFTA and other bilateral free trade negotiations are also addressed. What’s really behind the Trump trade war? What are the various US factions driving US trade policy since March 2018? Rasmus explains why Trump’s trade war is really a dual track trade offensive—a ‘soft’ adjustment to trade with US allies and a ‘hard’ approach to China trade relations. Why technology is at the heart of US trade objectives with China, and why a trade war will be averted with China by the summer 2019.

The True Dimensions of the Trump’s $4 Trillion 2018 Tax Cuts
Henry George Society, Smart Talk Interview, Host Ed Dodson with Dr. Jack Rasmus, May 2, 2018 (1 hr 3 min 26 sec)

In an extended video interview with the Henry George Society, Dr. Jack Rasmus describes in detail the true scope and magnitude of the Trump 2018 tax cuts. Tax reductions for businesses, multinational US Corporations, investors and the wealthiest 1% households amounts to at minimum $4 trillion over the coming decade—not the $1.5 trillion often referenced by the press. Rasmus explains how the $4 trillion (and possibly as high as $5 trillion by 2028) is offset by $1.5 to $2 trillion in tax hikes on the middle class in the form of reduced deductions, exemptions, and other increases. The corporate tax cuts take effect immediately, front loaded in 2018. The tax hikes on the middle class are delayed to 2019 and accelerate rapidly after 2024. How the US multinational corporations—tech, pharma, banks and others—will realize at least $2 trillion in cuts over the decade. How the boost to corporate profits will be an immediate 20% windfall in 2018. Rasmus explains how the $2 trillion difference ($4 trillion cuts - $2 trillion hikes) is reduced to the reported $1.5 trillion by Trump assuming US GDP growth of 3%-4% every year, without a recession, for the next ten years. How the Trump tax cuts will cause US budget deficits of $1 trillion or more every year for another decade, raising the US federal debt to $32 trillion by 2028, is also discussed. Rasmus and Dodson discuss the history of tax cutting from George W. Bush to the present, failure of supply side economics, and financial instability in the economy.

Jack Rasmus Interviewed on Trump's Budget Impact on Poor and Middle Class
Other Voices TV, Paul George host, June 6, 2017 (58 min 22 sec)

Dr. Jack Rasmus and Other Voices TV host, Paul George, discuss the impact of Trump's final budget proposals on the poor and the rest of us: How the budget cuts trillions in spending for medical coverage for the poor, soci security disability benefits for elderly, disabled, and single moms, and food stamps for tens of millions, and how the Obamacare repeal bill will hundreds of billions of dollars more for median income families and below Jack explains the hundreds of billions in more war spending by Trump and the trillions of dollars in tax cuts for the 1% and corporations will absorb the trillions of dollars reductions in social programs dismantling in the budget. Investor and business tax cuts since George W. Bush throu Obama amounted to $12 trillion. Trump now adds $2.8 trillion more of the same for the 1%.

Dr. Jack Rasmus Explains "Free Trade: Reality vs. Theory & Ideology"
Henry George Society Presentation, February 9, 2017 (1 hr 10 min 48 sec)

Dr. Rasmus explains the real facts about free trade and how it's more about money capital flows, multinational corporations' foreign direct investment, and job offshoring. Why free trade is a centerpiece of Neoliberal policy since Reagan. The origins of modern free trade in the 1970s-80s and its evolution From Reagan to Obama and now Trump. Free trade and the creation of US 'twin deficits' (trade and budget). How free trade and twin deficits enable massive corporate tax cuts and war spending by the US. Trump as free trader not protectionist. How free trade is destroying national sovereignty and representative democracy. Free trade as emerging global corporate government. Why free trade does not 'benefit all' and who are the losers and gainers. Rasmus debunks economists' holy grail of 'comparative advantage theory' and how the economic ideology of free trade has served as the theoretical justification of free trade in practice. Free trade as economic lynchpin for neoliberal global economic policy.

Trumpology? A Discussion on RT 'Crosstalk' TV Show
RT-TV, January 31, 2017 (23 min 22 sec)

RT-TV's Crosstalk Show of January 31, 2017 focused on the subject of whether there is such a thing as 'Trumpology'. What does Trump represent and is the liberal media vs. Trump something new? As one of three participants on the show, I offered my view that Trump is both something old and something new. He reflects the resurrection of Nixon law and order, silent majority/forgotten Americans, confront the media, force foreign allies to give back conditions to advance US corporate interests, shake up global alignments, etc., taken to a more aggressive level. But he also reflects Reagan Neoliberal economic policies giving even bigger tax cuts to corporations and investors, deregulating business (ACA, Dodd-Frank and more), and he is a bilateral free trader, not a multilateralist. Threats of protectionism are tactical, to soften up the opposition as preparation to renegotiating free trade deals even more favorable to US business. Trump is old wine in new bottles, as they say. But a more ascerbic wine, a harsher form of neoliberalism, with an even stronger domestic policy emphasis of attacks on the ‘new jews’ (immigrants domestic and foreign), law and order (let's punish the protestors), and an even greater threat to civil liberties, democratic rights, and even more income transfer to the rich than under the old elites in the Democrat-Republican wings of the party of the US elites. Unlike the other show participants, however, I argue Trump is not about to be impeached or removed, especially until he delivers to them the 'big 3' programs of bigger tax cuts, deregulation, and a rearrangement of free trade rules that benefit US business even more than before. His tweets and confrontation with media style is designed to keep his right wing base agitated. Steve Bannon is there to communicate directly to that base, and to mobilize it if and when necessary to more directly confront the elites in Congress, their party, the government bureaucracy, and their media.

Three Youtube Presentations on Greece, France Labor Protests, and UK Brexit Referendum
July 12, 2016 (3 videos, each 10 minutes)

In conjunction with the Peninsula Peace and Justice group's community TV project, Dr. Jack Rasmus is now presenting 10 minute Youtube interviews on topics of contemporary global economic and political importance. Below are the first three interviews in the series--on Greece's debt crises, France workers protests against labor market reforms, and the economic origins of the recent UK 'Brexit' vote.

Western Financial System Looting Greece
Press TV, May 26, 2016 (19 min 24 sec)

Press TV has conducted an interview with Paul Craig Roberts, former assistant secretary of US Treasury in Atlanta, and Jack Rasmus, professor of political economy in San Francisco, about a deal reached between Eurozone finance ministers and the International Monetary Fund that clears the way for fresh loans for Greece. Roberts says the Western financial system is no longer useful, adding that it is simply a “looting mechanism.” Rasmus, for his part, believes Greece’s bailout agreement is a financial scheme to extract wealth out of the country and keep it totally indebted.

Latest Events in Greek Debt Negotiations
Iranian Press TV and RTTV, June 21, 2015 (8 min 25 sec)

Dr. Rasmus comments on PressTV and RTTV interviews about the latest events in the on-going negotiations in Europe associated with the Greek debt crisis.

Food Deprivation Trends in the U.S.A.
Iranian Press TV, June 6, 2015 (4 min 35 sec)

Dr. Rasmus comments on recent US report showing millions of elderly citizens in the US are food deprived. Rasmus explains the connections between the rising cost of living in the US and declining real incomes of millions of elderly US that explains much of the food deprivation trends. How US policies of recent years have enriched the wealthy to historic levels, while depressing incomes for the rest.

63% of Americans feel wealth in U.S. unfairly distributed
Iranian Press TV, May 5, 2015 (4 min 6 sec)

Press TV conducted an interview with Dr. Jack Rasmus, a professor of political economy based in San Francisco, to discuss wealth distribution in United States and public perception of it.

The Eurozone Slides Further Toward Recession
Russia TV, Nov. 5, 2014 (4 min 27 sec)

Jack Rasmus explains why the Eurozone stagnating economy is now spreading from its periphery, which previously fell into deep recession, to its northern core economies, France, Netherlands, and soon Germany. Monetary policy has failed to generate investment and recovery, while austerity continues to weaken prospects for the same. No change in Eurozone policy is imminent, and therefore it will continue to slide toward stagnation and deflation.

Predicting the USA Midterm Elections
Iranian Press TV, Nov. 5, 2014 (3 min 17 sec)

Jack Rasmus provides his analysis and predictions of the USA midterm elections. Democrats and Obama are going to lose the Senate by at least 7 seats, Rasmus argues. The reasons area the constituencies-hispanics, youth, and union voters-will 'vote with their feet' and not turnout to vote. The 2014m idterms should be viewed as a continuation of the 2010 midterm elections, when Obama and Democrats lost control of the US House of Representatives. Senators elected in the 2008 national elections are now up for re-election, and will suffer the same political fate in 2014 as House Representatives, who were also elected in 2008, did in 2010. The reasons are Obama-Democrat failure to deliver on their 2008 promises, Rasmus argues.

Portugal Exits the IMF But No Change in Austerity
Russia TV, May 19, 2014 (52 sec)

Dr. Jack Rasmus explains how Portugal's announced exit from IMF borrowing results in no effect on the real Portuguese economy. Austerity policies for Portugal households continue. Having declined 0.7% in the first quarter 2014, GDP will continue to stagnate or fall, and unemployment, already officially 16%, will continue and deflation will deepen. 300,000 portuguese having left the country will not likely return anytime soon, Jack notes, as the Eurozone economy itself continues its drift to stagnation.

The US Congress' 2013 Budget (Mis)Deal
Other Voices TV
January 9, 2014 (58 min 25 sec)

Dr. Jack Rasmus On Latest US Budget-Austerity Deal.

Jack Rasmus is interviewed by host, Paul George, as guest on the TV show, Other Voices, and explains in detail the terms of the US Congress December 2013 budget deal. Defense spending remains untouched while pensions, unemployment benefits and food stamps are cut, contrary to the various 'spin' reports in the press. Austerity American Style is explained, contrasted to European versions. Dr. Rasmus predicts big corporate tax cuts coming after the November 2014 midterm national elections in the US, explains his idea of 'epic' recession which forecasts continued long term US 'stop-go' recovery, and explains how the $15-$20 trillion Federal Reserve bank-investor bailout under departing chairman, Ben Bernanke, has left the rest of the US economy still struggling.

Jack Rasmus Interviewed on Federal Reserve's 100th Anniversary
and The Global Money Parade
December 24, 2013 (9 min 31 sec)

Jack is interviewed by Russia TV on the origins of the US Federal Reserve and its primary function of bailing out the banks.

Jack explains how the recent bailout of banks by the Fed amounts to over $10 trillion, plus another $4 trillion in quantitative easing funneled by the Fed to very wealthy investors with bad mortgage loans. Jack explains how the Fed was borne in the same crisis, in 1907-08, when another financial crash and epic recession that followed led to the formation of the Federal Reserve. He explains his concept of the global money parade and why bank-investor bailouts lead to financial speculation and bubbles and not a sustained recovery of the real economy.

Russia TV Interviews Jack Rasmus on the Cyprus Crisis
April 12, 2013 (4 min 5 sec)

Jack gives an update on the continuing economic crisis in Cyprus.

Jack explains why the crisis will get worse, and why the contagion will inevitably spread to other weak link banking systems in the Eurozone and UK. Cyprus represents the move of policymakers to more desperate measures to bail out bankers, beyond and in addition to QE and Austerity policies. All depositors in banks are at risk of having their savings 'expropriated' by special taxes to bail out banks who cause the crisis in the first place. Jack notes that the US and the UK have already been in discussions for months to 'tax depositors' when the next banking crisis hits the US-UK.

Why Social Security & Medicare Are NOT in Crisis
Feb. 28, 2013 (36 min 13 sec)

Dr. Jack Rasmus Presentation to the Progressive Democrats of America, San Francisco

Jack Rasmus exposes the lies perpetrated by Politicians and Media about the financial state of Social Security and Medicare today. He offers alternative small tax changes that would instead lower the retirement age, increase retirement benefits, fully fund Medicare Part B and D, and create a surplus to pay for Medicare for All (Universal, Single Payer Health Care). He explains how neither of these programs, nor the country itself, are broke but that trillions of dollars are instead being hoarded by the rich and corporations, who are trying to make retirees pay for the economic crisis and deficits created by the wealthy.

Dr. Jack Rasmus interviews with Russia TV on the US and Global Economy
February 22, 2013 (4 min 12 sec)

Jack is interviewed on the Moody's Inc. downgrade of the UK economy and what it means going forward for the UK and globally.

Other Voices TV, Where's the US Economy Headed?
Dr. Jack Rasmus is Interviewed by Host, Paul George,
Palo Alto, Calif., February 5, 2013 (52 min 56 sec)

Jack discusses the recent fiscal cliff deficit events and the upcoming further deadlines in Washington for more spending cuts on March 1, May 18, and after. The real causes of deficits and the debt and real situation concerning Medicare and Social Security are also discussed. Dr. Rasmus explains the recent very soft US economy GDP performance at the end of 2012, and why the very slow growth will likely continue. Jack notes his prediction of the past 18 months that the US and global economies in 2013 are drawing nearer to a double dip recession.

(Click here to jump to links to the audio-only version.)

Interview with Paul George, Peninsula Peace & Justice Community TV
Jack Rasmus Discusses the Coming Double Dip Recession and Euro Debt Crisis, Palo Alto, Calif., September 6, 2011 (57 min 59 sec)

Jack is interviewed by TV host, Paul George, on whether the US economy will slip into another 'double dip' recession, and the status of jobs and other US economic indicators, which he predicts will result in a double dip in 2012 or 2013. Jack also discusses the growing debt crisis in Europe, now morphing into a bank crisis there, and its possible impact on the U.S. economy in the months ahead.

(Click here to jump to links to the audio-only version.)

Why Is There No Recovery for Main Street?
A Talk Sponsored by the Peninsula Peace and Action Committee, Palo Alto, Calif., April 28, 2011 (1 hr 13 min 2 sec)

Jack explains why the Obama 'Recovery' of the past two years has benefited banks, corporations, and the wealthiest households but not workers, homeowners, and the rest of us. Click on the TV to view this.

He provides economic detail why Obama fiscal stimulus has not worked and why the Federal Reserve's monetary policies of QE1 and QE2 have benefited the stock market, global commodity speculators, and wealthy investors. There has been no jobs program or recovery, home foreclosures continue to rise, and States and Cities are cutting jobs and services. He warns of the coming right wing attack on social security, medicare and medicaid as the next corporate driven offensive and more tax cuts for corporations and the rich.

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An Alternative Program for Economic Recovery
A Presentation to Teamsters Local 808 in New York City,
March 19, 2011 (46 min 17 sec)

Jack talks to the Teamsters Membership About What Programs Are Necessary for Recovery for All. Click on the TV to view this.

He lays out specific proposals for creating jobs, saving homeowners from foreclosure, solving the fiscal crisis of states and cities, and the deficit that are not being discussed by Democrats and Republican politicians. He stresses it's time to take action, and not just more talk.

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Jack Rasmus explains his new book, 'Epic Recession', and future
predictions for the economy
A Presentation to the Alameda Public Affairs Forum,
June 12, 2010 (1 hr 10 min 43 seconds)

(Click on the TV for QT Version (there will be a short preload),
or here for RealPlayer format)

Jack provides a full overview of his recent book, EPIC RECESSION: PRELUDE TO GLOBAL DEPRESSION, summarizing his predictions for 2010 and to come in 2011-13. An Epic Recession is not a normal recession and may yet descend into global depression. The emerging double dip confirms another step on the latter trajectory.

Jack Rasmus Explains How His Book, 'Epic Recession', is Predicting the Current Economy
A talk with TV Host Paul George of Channel 27,
May 4 2010 (58 min)

(Click on the TV to view video.)

Jack explains how the current crisis is following the trajectory of what he calls 'Epic Recession', in his new book being released May 11, 2010. Jack discusses how the present 'recovery' in the US cannot be sustained without conclusively addressing the 25 million jobless and 7-10 million foreclosures, how US banks are lending to speculators again and not to create jobs,and what the emerging crisis in Greece and Europe (and soon China) will result in a renewed intensity of the crisis, which has many similarities historically to prior crises in 1907 and 1929, and unlike other post-1945 recessions. Jack predicts (on May 4) the stock markets will correct another 15-20% and housing prices will resume falling.


Epic Recession: Prelude to Global Depression
A talk given at the Left Forum, New York, March 20, 2010 (2 x 10 min)

(Click on the TV to view video.)

At the recent Left Forum in New York, Jack presents a theoretical explanation of the current economic crisis based on his just released May 2010 book, EPIC RECESSION: PRELUDE TO GLOBAL DEPRESSION. Jack then provides a preview of his next forthcoming book in 2011, FINANCE CAPITAL IN THE 21st CENTURY: A THEORETICAL CRITIQUE, which takes to task mainstream economic views of the current crisis, debunks popular 'financialization' theories of the crisis popular today on the left, and explains how Marxist economics must be fundamentally revised in order to account for credit, debt, and speculative finance before it can better explain current and future crises.

'Economic Crisis v. Economic Empire:
End of the Beginning and Beginning of the End'
Keynote speech to Ecumenical Peace Institute, October 25, 2009 (43 min)

(Click on the TV to view video.)

Jack Rasmus talks about the potential impact of the continuing U.S. economic crisis on the future of the American Empire. The possible effects of the coming multi-trillion dollar U.S. Budget deficits on U.S. dominance of international economic institutions and the role of the dollar as a global currency. Will it continue? Or collapse? Jack explains why and why not, and the centrality of the U.S.-China economic relationships. DVD is $12 plus shipping. HOW TO ORDER VIDEO

Dr. Jack Rasmus
Economic Meltdown Update
Interview with TV host, Paul George, Peninsula Peace and Justice Center, Palo Alto, CA, June 7, 2009 (1 hr )

(Click on the TV to view video.)

Jack discusses with Paul George and his audience the state of the economic crisis at mid-year 2009 and where it's going, and explains why the Obama bank bailout and stimulus will eventually fail.

Dr. Jack Rasmus
Origins of the Economic Crisis
And Program for Long-Term Recovery
May 16, 2009, San Francisco, CA; (1 hr 27 min 28 sec)

(Click on the TV to view video.)

As a follow up to the May 9 Central Labor Council Teach-In on the Economic Crisis, Jack Rasmus provides an hour-and-a-half follow-up workshop on the economic crisis, how it originated, where it's going, and what can be done. Jack traces the crisis from the 1980s and the growing income inequality, speculative investment, and growing financial and economic instabilitiy of the past thirty years in a comprehensive and broad overview of the crisis. $12 plus shipping. HOW TO ORDER VIDEO

Historical Roots of the Economic Crisis
New York, New York; April 19, 2009 (52 min 30 sec)

(Click on the TV to view video.)

Jack Rasmus is interviewed by 'Z' Magazine following his presentation at the Left Forum in New York City on April 18, 2009. In the interview Jack provides a comprehensive view of the current economic crisis to date, explains why the latest version of the Obama-Geithner recovery plan will not work, and why, despite all the talk about 'green shoots' and 'glimmers of recovery, the real economy will continue to deteriorate beneath the surface. Jack predicts an even more serious stage of the crisis will erupt in 2010, why more than 20 million will lose their jobs this year, why business defaults will accelerate, housing prices will continue to fall, and why the central locus of the crisis is now shifting from the financial to the non-financial sector of the economy. Jack also places the crisis in historical perspective, explaining how the current Epic recession is similar and different from the 1930s, dispels some of the myths about the 'New Deal' of that period, and how the current crisis may transition to a bona fide global Depression. $10 plus shipping. HOW TO ORDER VIDEO

The Banking Panic of 2008 and Emerging Epic Recession
Berkeley, California; October 24, 2008

(Click on the TV to view video.)

Dr. Jack Rasmus is featured speaker at the Global Studies Forum, speaking on the Banking Panic of 2008 and Emerging Epic Recession. He presents a 12 Point Program for confronting the Economic Crisis. NOTE: Click on the TV icon to see the Quicktime version. Or click here to see the video in Windows Media format or in Real Player format. $10 plus shipping. HOW TO ORDER VIDEO

Causes of the Current Financial Crisis, Where It's Going
and What It Means to You
Palo Alto, California; October 14, 2008

(Click on the TV to view video.)

Jack Rasmus gives an in-depth presentation of the Causes of the Current Financial Crisis, Where It's Going and What It Means to You. Includes extended period of audience Q & A. Palo Alto, California., October 14, 2008 (Click on the TV to view video.) $10 plus shipping. HOW TO ORDER VIDEO

The Economy in Crisis
April 2008

(Click on the TV to view video.)

Dr. Jack Rasmus is interviewed by Paul George of PPJC TV's award winning TV show. Jack talks about the economy following the Bear Stearns Bank bailout. April 2008. (Click on the TV to view video.) $10 plus shipping. HOW TO ORDER VIDEO

Building a Sustainable Economy and the Danger of Carbon Credits Trading
St. Paul, Minnesota; January 2007

(Click on the TV to view video.)

Dr. Jack Rasmus is Keynote Speaker at midwest Environmentalist-Labor Alliance conference on Building a Sustainable Economy and the Danger of Carbon Credits Trading. St. Paul, MN. January 2007 (Click on the TV to view video.) $10 plus shipping. HOW TO ORDER VIDEO

II. Select Stage Play Scenes

Scenes from the DVD version of Fire on Pier 32

Workers in 1934 Vote for General Strike
(Click DVD icon to view)

Workers Take Control of the Docks
(Click DVD icon to view)

Burning the Company Union Contract Books on Pier 32 in Sept. 1933 — the founding event of the longshore workers' new union, the ILWU

Actors from the play 'Fire On Pier 32' recreate the burning scene of the infamous company blue book contracts on pier 32

Longshoremen sing Song of the New Union celebrating the birth of their own rank and file controlled union on the San Francisco waterfront

Actor Harry Bridges and longshoremen sing the Song of Solidarity theme during a scene following the general strike vote in 1934

Longshore Workers Rally in 2002 against port employers 'Lock Out' during negotiations

'Fire on Pier 32' Video

Now available for purchase, the video currently featured by Jack Rasmus Productions is the full length, 2.5 hour DVD of the stage play, "Fire on Pier 32," which was performed to sell out audiences in 2003 in San Francisco.

"Fire on Pier 32" is a three act play written by Jack Rasmus of the National Writers Union. The play is about the longshore workers and their union, the ILWU, from its origin during the maritime and general strikes of 1934 in San Francisco, up to the current period. Thematically, the play is about the meaning of solidarity and the nature of company anti-labor offensives, past and present.

The first act takes place during the 1934 maritime and general strikes in San Francisco. The second act traces the evolution of longshore workers and their union from 1935 to 1971. While the third act addresses the rise of the Bush-Employer anti-labor offensive since 2001. The play takes its title from the actual historic event which occurred in late 1933, depicted in the top left photo, when longshore rank and file militants gathered on Pier 32 in San Francisco to burn their company union "blue" contract books, the act that led to the formation of their own union that became the ILWU.

Merging Labor History and Brechtian Theater

The video of the play was recorded using the original 12 actor cast featured in the stage version of the play, but is not simply a film version of one of the performances of that stage play. Rather, the video was shot with the original cast in a studio following the close of the theater production, and employs close ups, multiple cameras and angles, and other video techniques not possible in a straight-on filming of a stage performance. The 50+ historical photographs from the ILWU Longshore Workers library archive featured in the stage play, several of which can be seen in the righthand column on this webpage, are included in the video as well, but are now presented in a new manner in the video. In the stage version of the play the photos were projected on a 10' x 12' screen at center stage behind the actors. The photos in the video, however, are now presented as a series of photo montage. The resulting appearance is much like that viewed in a PBS special with techniques pioneered by Ken Burns and others, with the photo images fading in and out and integrated with the actors' and their dialogue on stage.

The music and songs in the video are the same performed in the original stage version of the play, with the same arrangements and musical accompaniment and sung by the entire cast of actors on stage, and by the same soloists. See Songs & Music for more detailed information about the songs.

(For more information about the play, "Fire on Pier 32," go to Collected Plays).

Jack Rasmus Productions also produces historical, educational and public relations videos for labor unions on a project contract basis. For references for such work from other unions, or for a request for proposal (RFP) from Jack Rasmus Productions to produce a video, contact Jack Rasmus, principal and owner of Jack Rasmus Productions, at


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Economic Crisis v. Economic Empire: End of the Beginning and Beginning of the End
Origins of Economic Crisis and Program for Long Term Recovery
Historical Roots of the Economic Crisis
The Banking Panic of 2008 and Emerging Epic Recession
The Causes of the Current Financial Crisis, Where It's Going, And What It Means To You
The Economy in Crisis
Building a Sustainable Economy and the Danger of Carbon Credits

Harry Bridges speaks to mass meeting of longshore and other maritime workers at founding of Pacific Maritime Federation

The Slingload: 1930s technology for loading and unloading ships in ports along the west coast

The Hated Shape Up: Workers desperately compete for work before union hiring halls and the birth of the ILWU

Unloading Ships during the 1930s: back-breaking work using booms, pulleys ropes, and...lots of sweat and muscle

Longshore Workers Protest George Bush and Tom Ridge interference on behalf of port bosses during 2002 negotiations

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