Reviewers Comments

“Did you like Howard Zinns, A People’s History of the United States? If so, you are going to love the new book by Jack Rasmus, THE WAR AT HOME: The Corporate Offensive From Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush. Rasmus effectively picks up the story where Zinn leaves off….His book is an excellent complement and companion to Zinn’s popular work….Give THE WAR AT HOME a look. It is a sobering and path-breaking effort to ‘put it all in one place’.?

Harvey Schwartz,
Curator, ILWU Oral History Collection
Labor Archives and Research Center
San Francisco State University

“A hard-hitting, full-scale account of the corporate assault on American working people. No one seeing all the strands of that attack brought together in one place can feel anything but outrage. Rasmus’s stirring book is for labor activists, but its effect will be to create a lot more labor activists than there already are. A great job!?

David Brody,
Professor Emeritus of History
University of California, Davis

“THE WAR AT HOME is a path-breaking work which will stand as a milestone on the road to a fight back by and for working people….Jack Rasmus has performed a major service to the movement by starting what needs to be a great debate about our collective future.…we all should read it and spread the word about THE WAR AT HOME.?

Laurence H. Shoup, Ph.D. History
Author, Imperial Brain Trust: The Council
On Foreign Relations and U.S. Foreign